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How do I keep my mask from fogging?

Your mask will come untreated. After hand washing and air drying your mask, you can then treat your mask for the first time with . Options for how to treat your mask are listed below.

  • Put a single drop of dish soap on a paper towel then cover the inside of the vinyl with a thin film. It will look slightly "greasy". You may need to repeat the application during extended use and definitely after washing.

  • There are other defogger treatments available on Amazon that may work better for extended use, such as Hockey Spit, but there are a lot others. (I’ve never used any of these.)

Please don’t use your own spit. :)

How should I wash my windowed mask?

Let’s cover the DON’Ts first:

  • Do NOT machine wash.

  • Do NOT put in the dryer.

  • Do NOT put in boiling water.

  • Do NOT put in the microwave.

Now for what you DO:

Any of the DON’Ts above will destroy your mask. The vinyl window will get softer in warm water but hardens again as it cools off. Please wash gently so not to crease or crush the vinyl. Once washed and rinsed, shape the mask back into form then hang to air dry.

For further hand washing guidance, visit the CDC website for How to Wash Cloth Face Coverings (Washing by Hand) and use common sense.

What if my mask arrives damaged or flawed?

That’s terrible! Please contact us so we can make it right.

I have suggestions or feedback to share!

That’s fantastic! Please contact us so we can make it better.


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